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Usability Testing

Ensuring your product is as easy and intuitive to use as possible

Watching how real users interact with your app, website or product, is the most effective way to get detailed insight into any usability issues you may have. Functions which may be obvious to you or your development teams, may not be obvious to either the 21 year-old millennial or the ‘silver surfer’.

What’s more, usability testing can – and should – be carried out at every stage of design and development. It is significantly more cost effective to make changes at the prototype stage than when the product is about to go live or go on sale.

The usability tests we carry out at London UX ensure any wrinkles are smoothed out, the overall user experience is improved, and actions can be completed quickly and easily.

How we carry out usability testing

We begin the process by identifying what elements of your product need testing. The navigation? The buying journey? Or even the copy on call-to-action buttons.

Then we identify a group of test users who belong to your target audience, we write a list of suitable questions, and set up the usability test.

We offer two types of usability testing:

  • Remote testing We ask testers to complete a task using your product, whilst a moderator watches them complete the action via a web cam.
  • Lab testing A moderator stands behind a two-way mirror watching the tester carry out a task, whilst another person stands behind the tester and asks them questions.

Some common usability testing methods we use include:

  • A/B testing Which version of the same design is more engaging? Which one performs better?
  • Heatmaps/Eye-tracking Where are users going to on the page and what are they looking at? What images, headlines or copy are they drawn to? Where are the ‘hot spots’ and what is being ignored?
  • Surveys Gaining invaluable feedback from users once their task(s) have been completed.

In both remote and lab testing, we ask the questions:

  • Can the user find the information they require?
  • Can they do this easily without getting frustrated?
  • When they find the information, is it relevant and useful?
  • How long does a user take to complete a task, such as filling in a form or making a purchase?
  • Are there any functional challenges?

Usability Test Report

After the usability test, we compile and send you a report which includes the key findings from the testing, annotated screenshots, tester comments and a list of recommendations (both critical and non-critical).

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