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Interaction design

Ensuring the user experience is simple and seamless

All apps, websites and products should be designed and developed with the following in mind: “How do we solve our user's problems?”

Unfortunately, too many products are designed for appearance, but fail to function as intended. At London UX, we work with our in-house visual design team from the outset of a project. We help design and develop user-centric outputs that engage users, are intuitive to use and are goal driven, so ensuring that functionality precedes appearance.

How Interaction Design is a critical part of the process

The point at which a user interacts with your product should be simple and seamless, so they can achieve their goals with the best experience possible.

There are numerous elements that can affect this experience: from the use of graphic elements, to the use of text, and to what hardware is being used. A web page may be easy to scroll through when using a monitor and a mouse; but can become incredibly frustrating to use on a mobile device with a small screen and touch input.

As part of our Interaction Design service we look at:

  • Copy What text is used, such as in call to actions, the navigation bar labels, and on buttons? They should be simple, intuitive and encourage action.
  • Visuals What graphical elements, such as images, icons, or typography do your users interact with? Are these distracting or confusing? Do they add to the overall experience? Do different colours and shapes elicit different responses?
  • Physical objects What hardware are users using to interact with your product? Are they using a mouse, a keyboard, or a touchscreen?
  • Time How long is a user interacting with your product? Does it need to be instantly responsive, or is dwell time key?
  • Behaviour How do users actually use the product? How do they react to what they see? What is their emotional response? What feedback should be given when a task has been completed to move them onto the next stage?

Want us to help with your project?

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