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Data Analysis

Using your data to increase conversions

Customers are engaging with your website or app, and some are actually purchasing. That’s the good news.

But what about those who aren’t purchasing? What are they doing? What are they looking for? Where and why are they abandoning their carts?

Understanding the behaviour of your customers shouldn’t be down to guesswork. By drilling deep into your database and analytics, we can look at the sticking points of their journey. We will then use that insight to make changes that can increase your conversions.

How we understand and use your data

Reading the data is all well and good, but understanding it and coming to the right conclusions is another.

We will carefully analyse your data to see how visitors are using your product. Are they wandering all over it like they’re in a bricks and mortar store? If they are, is that a problem? How long are visitors spending on each page? Dwell time is often reported as being a good thing. But is a visitor spending too much time on your page because they can’t find the checkout button? Who is struggling to use your site? Where and when are they abandoning their cart?

When we understand a user’s behaviour, we can create campaigns that will entice back the ones that have abandoned their carts, and encourage the ones currently on the site to get over the finishing line.

Whether as a one-off fee, on a retainer, or even on a commission basis; we are sure that we can help increase your conversions and deliver a good return on investment.

Want us to help with your project?

Drop us an email on We are keen to hear your requirements and discuss how we can help you achieve your project’s goals.

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