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Accessibility Audits

Making sure everyone can use your app, website or product

For your product to be successful, the “user journey“ has to be seamless – irrespective of your user’s skill levels or abilities.

Whether they have physical challenges, such as poor vision, hearing loss, and limited movement; or practical challenges, such as the lack of a mouse or a keyboard; we ensure that your product is easy to use, and adheres to defined accessibility guidelines and standards.

How we address accessibility issues

We assess the accessibility of a product using the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and the WAI-ARIA (Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications) technical specification.

To look for accessibility issues, we begin with an audit of a select number of pages from your app or website, and put them through a series of manual tests.

We ask the questions:

  • Do the selected pages adhere to the standards of WCAG?
  • Are informational ARIA attributes being used where appropriate to enhance the use of assistive technologies, such as screen readers for the blind?
  • Is appropriate code being used to define the textual content structure of the pages, such as headings, paragraphs, and navigation.
  • Do images have textual descriptions where necessary?
  • Are any downloadable PDF documents accessible?
  • Are Flash technologies being used?
  • Is access provided to multilingual content?
  • Do pages perform well across all browsers and devices?
  • Do pages function correctly with assistive technologies?

We also check that the following legal requirements are adhered to:

Accessibility Report

Following the audit, we will produce a detailed report that highlights any accessibility issues discovered, both on individual pages, and the app/site as a whole.

Where appropriate, we will include advice and recommendations on how to resolve these issues.

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