About Medistudents

Our core value is to provide medical e-learning resources to students throughout the world, free of charge.

Medistudents was founded by UK doctors: Matt Green and Laura Henderson in 2006. In 2010, they were joined by Phil Rae as CTO to coordinate the development of the website and business on a technical level.

Mr Matt Green
Founder and Director

Matt has a bit of a varied background. Having been born and spent his first few years in Devon, he moved to the Isle of Man at the age of 8. Completing school there and with his eyes set firmly on medical school he came up just short on his A levels – damn you chemistry! A further four months at college in Oxford and he finally got the grade and was off to the St Andrews University, Scotland. It was here that, over a few beers, he first met Phil. After getting over the hangover, he made it to lectures where he met and soon became close friends with Laura.

Having transferred to Manchester University to complete his clinical studies, Laura and Matt made plans to spend their elective in Grenada. It was here that Matt’s idea of an online education site for clinical skills was born. After a very brief discussion with Laura, the plans were already in place for what would become Medistudents.

On returning and whilst studying for finals, the first incarnation of Medistudents (orignally called OSCE Skills) devised.

Matt is still in clinical training and is currently a surgical registrar in the West Midlands. Although still completing his generic training, Matt has his sights set on a career in oncoplastic breast surgery. As well as clinical work he has a keen interest in medical education. Matt is also undertaking a Masters in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at UEA.

Away from work, Matt lives with his wife Emma who is also a doctor. And he is the proud father of two daughters.

Dr Laura Hunter Henderson, BSc, MBChB, DGM, MRcGP
Founder and Director

Laura was born in Fife but grew up in a small seaside town in East Lothian where she attended school. At the age of 17, Laura went to St. Andrews University to study Chemistry. It was whilst there that she realised her passion actually lay in medicine and successfully transferred back to first year to study this. It was in her first year of medical school that she met Matt.

Like Matt, she undertook her pre-clinical studies at St. Andrews and then went onto Manchester for her clinical studies. Laura and Matt went on their medical elective together and whilst there (sunning it in Grenada) Matt voiced his idea about a medical website, and shortly after that Medistudents was launched.

Upon completion of her medical degree she returned to Scotland for her foundation jobs, where she worked in various hospitals in Fife and Edinburgh. After foundation jobs she entered into a four year GP training post, which she completed in August 2013.

Alongside her interest in teaching Laura also has an interest in elderly and emergency medicine. She completed her Diploma of Geriatric Medicine (Royal College of Physicians) in May 2012.

As well as working as a GP in Edinburgh, Laura also works as a GP with a specialist interest in A&E in Fife.

Phil Rae, BSc (Hons)

Co-founder and technical Director at successful London based design agency Jepson Rae, Phil is a specialist in web development and UX design. It was whilst studying Internet Computer Science at St. Andrews University in 2001, that Phil met Matt on the first night of Fresher’s Week.

In 2010, over a beer in a sunny beer garden of a South London pub, Matt informed Phil of how successful the original incarnation of Medistudents (then called OSCE Skills) was becoming. Since then, Phil has been onboard, helping take the Medistudents business to the next level.

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